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Went to the orientation today for the kitchen staffing service I signed up with. They say I can call in starting Monday to ask for assignments. And that they do a lot of temp-to-hire.

I did, in fact, do grocery shopping today.

And went to the motherfucking bank, like an adult. There was a branch right across the street from the orientation, after all.

I did not precisely clean ALL the things, but I did the dishes, and cleaned the refrigerator -- not just tossing yucky things, but actually wiping down the surfaces too. And I did the cat box.

I also finished filling out some paperwork and assembling the documentation I needed for it, and got it in an envelope and out the door, which has got to count for something.

Since finishing that, though, it HAS pretty much been Internet! Forever. With a break to watch Dorian Gray from Netflix. Which was fairly entertaining, beyond its admirably-fulfilled purpose of giving me gorgeous men in fantastic period clothing to stare at. If you like mildly spooky costume dramas, it's worth watching.

I'm sure you all know that Morgan was found, safe, and wanting to come home. This news kept me pretty cheerful all day.

Tomorrow, a renewed commitment to Cleaning All The Things (I would like to vacuum this damn floor, and I have ridiculous amounts of laundry to cycle, and the CAR, oh dear Lord), and dinner with gehayi for her birthday. Saturday, End Of Summer Party!

Can I have that little trophy about being an adult? I haven't got a mantel, but I'll put it on top pf the entertaiment center.

...with all the Star Wars toys. On second thought, maybe I'd better skip it.

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