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living breathing talking love

on being productive

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on being productive

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It's much easier if I'm doing something in someone ELSE'S benefit.

In that spirit, I took a small silk rug that gehayi and I discovered in her attic during the Great Cleanout over to a local rug store today, after calling and confirming that they bought as well as sold. Alas, while the rug was very pretty, it proved to be machine-made and therefore not anything they wanted to buy. A quick perusal of similar items and a cell phone photo later, it's listed on eBay, and maybe she'll get some money for it, if not enough to pay her unexpected medical-insurance premium.

I also washed a bunch of dishes, cleaned the stove top, cleaned the cat box, and took out the garbage. That's productive, right?

Still need to do LAUNDRY.


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