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living breathing talking love

herding cats

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herding cats

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Very slow today, as is typical for Monday. Unfortunately, I couldn't get the few people who DID need to check in to cluster themselves, so I spent a lot of time sitting around waiting.

Did make it over to Goodwill, dropped off two more bags from gehayi's attic and a dead laptop that the kid used to use. Thanks, cluegirl, for the tip about Goodwill accepting dead electronics at no charge!

Also started the One Hundred Push Up Challenge again. I'm doing real push-ups this time, and I managed 11 on my test, which puts me in rank 2, so today's requirement was this:

max (at least 5)

Since I forgot to do the test over the weekend, and only did it today, I only managed the minimum 5 on the final set, but that is still 25 push-ups today, go me. And I'll try to do something else (either Gothercize or the Wii Fit, or at the very least a Healthful Walk) on the alternate days.

In other news, my Super Cheap Netbook arrived today! It's charging up right now. I am not crazy about the feel of the trackpad -- or, more accurately, the clickybuttons on either side of the track pad -- and I won't know how well it surfs the web until eternaleponine gets home and finds the wireless password for me, but it WILL fit in my grownup purse, and I can navigate solitaire on it, and it didn't cost much more than it would have cost to replace my iPod battery, which is a thing I have decided to keep putting off for a while. I have high hopes for it.

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