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living breathing talking love

today was not especially interesting

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today was not especially interesting

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I liked my clothes, though.

That's my Mischa jacket, which is still at 100% compliments-per-wearing; an Ego Likeness tank top (I guess my arm is blocking the logo); an antique 1880s white pique walking skirt with buttons down the front,cut to accommodate a bustle; and the purple ballet flats.

I was done by 11:30 AM today. I did errands after -- picking up a bag of corn stickers from a Freecycler, returning used printer cartridges to Staples, picking up a bleach pen for me and a Dryel kit for gehayi, bringing it over to gehayi, stopping in at T-Mobile to have them copy over all the data from my old SIM card (from when I lost my phone last summer) onto my phone again. Then I got hit by a nap attack, so that was it for being productive. Dinner was leftovers.

I may have another week or even two left with this job, but it's certainly not going to be full-time hours.

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