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living breathing talking love

making the most of hypomania

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making the most of hypomania

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No Power In The 'Verse
Got into the office before the 6AM deadline. The envelope with 130+ questionnaires in it plus about 30 time sheets DID fit through the window. SCORE.

I would really have liked not to have been awake on time due to an anger nightmare, though. I was berating the people running a summer camp that the kid wanted to go to for not practicing good belaying safety. I am blaming this on watching the "Pit of Satan" episode of Dr. Who where they were abesiling/rappelling down a black hole. Rappelling always gave me the heebie-jeebies. Must sign kid up for theater camp.

Got back to the house, had coffee and a Luna bar, got over to the center, set up. God I love that little luggage dolly. Morning check-ins went smoothly. Used a handful of two-pocket folders left over from the kid's time at Classical Magnet to organize the paperwork in my briefcase so I don't lose stuff. It's even color-coded. The disciplinary forms (and evaluation forms) are in the red folder. Time sheets are in the green folder because they're green. Questionnaires are in the blue folder because they're blue. The paperwork about assigning binders is in yellow (not really any reason, although there are big brown-yellow envelopes in the binders) and that left purple for the transmittal forms and the communications forms.

Did I mention we're killing a lot of trees?

Copied over the questionnaires that a couple of people had accidentally done in ink onto blanks, in proper #2 pencil to appease the gods of Scantron.

Finished up check-ins by lunchtime. Took kid's prescriptions to CVS. Took purple dress to dry cleaner. Did the dishes that the kid left for me. Took out the garbage.

Did the field observation for one of my new people, went into the office again, dropped off the day's paperwork, checked my inbox (no huge errors to correct today! yay!) and went home. CHANGED INTO PAJAMAS.

Did not have to cook dinner because eternaleponine decided she wanted to eat her Chinese leftovers. Had a Hot Pocket.

Watched Jeopardy. Handed off a vampire egg I'd bitten for a fellow player. (If anyone wants one, just mention it.)

STARTED LAUNDRY. OMG YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW MUCH LAUNDRY I HAVE. I am living in a walk-in laundry basket. I suck. But I started some.

Remind me I want to take kava to sleep tonight?

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