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living breathing talking love

did you miss me?

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did you miss me?

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Offline yesterday due to a nasty stomach bug.

I managed three hours of work (running to the bathroom twice to heave) before I decided that I needed to be home. Luckily, my assistant is awesome.

I felt bad enough to text shadowflyer pleading with him to bring me some ginger ale -- in small bottles or cans because I didn't feel up to handling a drinking glass. Yes, it was that bad.

I did manage to keep liquids (ginger ale, water, slightly sweet black tea) down, in small sips. Advil only modified the body-aches agony. Around 9 pm I managed to eat five crackers.

I feel less awful today but my digestion still isn't quite back to normal. I have managed oatmeal, toast, and some pretzels.

I am hoping that by tomorrow I will feel human again.
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