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living breathing talking love

one biffledink (only Doonesbury fans and shadowflyer know what that means before reading the post)

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one biffledink (only Doonesbury fans and shadowflyer know what that means before reading the post)

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I will post an update about what happened with Class Clown And The Come-To-Jesus Talk at some other time, when I am not halfway down a margarita-on-the-rocks that mostly filled a pint glass. (Newbury Comics Fenway Park pint glass, to be precise.)

Notable points, to sum up:

* My supervisor rocks like a rocking thing because he backed me up, directly to Class Clown.

* Class Clown is on Double Secret Probation.

* I cannot decide if it was cowardice or good management technique that I delegated dealing with him to my assistant this afternoon. It kept me out of jail for offering him bodily harm, so I think overall it's a win.

* Supervisor remains impressed by my ability to fill out forms matching the templates in the books. Apparently the disciplinary forms I filled out on Class Clown were PERFECT.

(How do people do bulleted lists? Please share.)

Other notable things about my day:

I met four of the five new people. They show promise. They all like text messages, although one of them has a preference for a text reading "Call me back" because he has large fingers and phone buttons are small for him to poke. The two men are both REALLY SIMILAR LOOKING and both have names starting with J and I hope I don't mix them up.

I handed out the ponchos. Everyone seemed pleased by the notion.

I have laid in a supply of iron rations -- that is, shelf stable foods that do not require microwaving or even hot water. Lots of Luna bars for breakfast, and the lunch things that partake of the tuna-salad-and-crackers nature. There are a lot of flavors. I am especially interested to try the St. Dalfour brand, as theirs are really interesting looking. I CAN HAZ FUDZ IN MAH BRIEFCASE.

Of the four pairs of flats I bought last week, three pairs are great. The fourth pair, the one that wasn't ballet flats, HURT. I think it was how they were cut across the instep. I returned them at Payless at lunch. I think I surprised the clerk by being cooperative about the return -- presenting my receipt straight off, not fussing when told that returning something from a BOGO1/2 deal meant I had to pay full price for the remaining pair, not half, so I'd get half the listed price back, and not demanding cash when I paid on a card. I still have three pairs of flats that work, and I have sorted out which pants cooperate with my Doc Martens.

gehayi very kindly let me abscond with one of two small luggage dollies she had in her attic, complete with bungee, so I had a way of bringing the heavy box of new binders in without having to tote it all the way from the parking lot.

I DESERVE this fucking margarita.
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