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living breathing talking love

the real stuff starts in 7.5 hours

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the real stuff starts in 7.5 hours

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No Power In The 'Verse
So today, I finished up the classroom training for my enumerators. Gave them the test, they all passed, selected my crew leader assistant -- the youngest, one of the sharpest, one of the ones available full-time instead of doing this as a second job, the one who came from the overlap area with another crew leader's team so her home isn't exactly in our district (not that it's FAR), and, best of all, the bilingual one. As my assistant, she won't be doing house-to-house counting all of the time, but she's available for it, and if we can kick her all the ones that need a Spanish-speaker, that'll be a fantastic resource.

Then when I was done with them, I went into the main office to get our actual assignment binders. OMG REAL WORK.

While I was in there, I discovered that I'd steered them wrong on a detail of the time sheets, and rather than make them all fill out fresh ones tomorrow, *I* filled out fresh ones for them, and all they've got to do is sign. (Turns out you have to round the time of DAY to 15/30/45 as well as making sure the total is to the nearest .25 of an hour. My bad.)

After Supernatural was over, I put in two hours of work filling out all of the paperwork associated with issuing them their binders. Since Mr. Class Clown (a retired gentleman) was quite insistent about a certain apartment building being Sketchyville, and thus potentially dangerous for the young ladies, guess what he gets first?

We've been told "go out as observers with your strongest ones first, because if you get that bit of paperwork turned in, you can just set them loose afterwards, and then you can concentrate your time on the ones who might need more coaching starting from day 2." So I'm sending my assistant out with THE sharpest one in the crew (the only one to score 100% on the test; even I didn't do that in my training), so she can get an observation under her belt for someone she doesn't need to coach, and I'm going to send myself out with Mr. Class Clown. Because he IS, in fact, pretty sharp, even if he's a freakin' nitpicker.

It kind of boggles me that they're sending me out to observe and report on people doing the enumeration when I've never done a live questionnaire in the field myself... but this is how they do it.

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