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...okay, I was slightly self-indulgent, and got more than one pair. But it was buy one get one half off for everything in the store, and as I'll be job hunting again after the census finishes, it seemed reasonable enough. One matte red pair, one shiny purple pair with a ruffle detail (omgsocute and they were $4), one black patent pair, and one pair of matte black things not really ballet flats but still partaking of the Dress Flats nature. If you average out what they cost it was about $10 a pair. And it's probably all the dress flats I'll need for the next five years. ESPECIALLY IF I GET A JOB WHERE THEY ARE OKAY WITH 20-EYE DOCS WITH PENCIL SKIRTS. And kittyshoes.

I have One Of Those Guys in training. You know, the Class Clown. I'm talking about George Carlin's Class Clown. "So, Fadduh... if he was on a boat... with no priest on board... and they were crossing the International Date Line... and he hadn't made his Easter Duty... would dat be a mortal sin, Fadduh?"

If you are That Guy in my class? Do not be surprised when I call on you to be the practice enumerator for the example where you have to use a continuation questionnaire because there's seven people living in a mobile home and they're several sorts of special case and the script has the respondent answering the race questions counter to the guidelines and hassling the enumerator about how silly it is to verify sex for each person listed.

I'm just sayin'.

Yes, I did in fact PLAN on sticking him with that example, because I knew it was coming from my own training.

Really, it's a good group. Everyone's reasonably clever, and they're picking up on how to fill out the forms.

Wonder how we'll all do in the field?

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