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living breathing talking love

on a sillier note

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on a sillier note

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I am seized with the desire to construct a vampire-hunting kit. I'm thinking it ought to go into a piece of vintage luggage.

The question is, would it be better to build it into a train case, or an overnight bag? Attache cases and Gladstone bags are also options, but unfortunately more expensive.

The gating factor here is whether it could accommodate the stakes.

So, how long does a proper vampire stake have to BE?

Feel free to elaborate on your answer, and to suggest other necessary components. I'm thinking this will have to be vampire-only, not combined vampire-werewolf as so many are, because the key werewolf equipment is a gun with silver bullets, and I am not jumping through the bureaucratic hoops necessary to get a working pistol, even a black-powder deal.

yes, I'm silly.
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