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verbatim training

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verbatim training

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ImmortalBeloved - itsart
So, since my training class abruptly dropped from 9 to 7 when two people had schedule conflicts, leaving us one crew leader short instead of one surplus, this week (which was set aside mostly as a preparation week) our supervisor was in charge of training two new people as crew leaders, who'd been transferred over from other operations. He very sensibly decided to assign each member of my class to conduct half a day of their training, so we'd have practice doing training sessions before we had to do it for our actual crew.

Because this is the government, they want you to do "verbatim training." As in, stand up there and just read it all off a script, no ad-libbing, nothing, so they know everyone's gotten the same exact training. They even give you a binder that folds back on itself to make a sort of stand-up lectern, which is kinda cool.

The only place where you get to ad-lib a little is in the part where you have to ask them, "Any questions?" and then answer them.

I got a good question today: "What about civil unions?" This was a smart question, because even though Connecticut's got marriage equality now, we had civil unions BEFORE we got that, and you might run into either one.

Well! Thanks to George Takei and Brad Altman, I knew exactly what to answer: If they consider themselves married, whether it's a legal marriage, a civil union, or just a personal commitment, they can mark down husband or wife on the census form, and, if they don't, they can still pick "unmarried partner." I even mentioned the video, although I didn't have a laptop available to show them. If you haven't watched it, you should, because it's ADORABLE:

I think my practice session went very well. The only thing I'll have to remember is to read more slowly, because I do tend to read really really fast.

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