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living breathing talking love

may post more later

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may post more later

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But, in brief: Jim Henson exhibit at National Heritage Museum: A++ would gawk again. Brattle Theater presentation of Henson commericals & oddities: also excellent, despite clueless gorf in lobby who WOULD NOT stop talking to me. Well, just as I was preparing to hit send on the text message to pocketpolina that said "Help please call me I am beset by a dork," he noticed me poking buttons on my phone and said, "I see you're busy, I'll leave you alone," but it TOOK a while. thespian, please let me know what I owe you for the pass. Garlic parmesan tofu tenders at Jumbo's, surprisingly delicious and I should learn how to make them for eternaleponine. Many congratulations to doeeyedbunny upon passing her CPA exam, and also for throwing an excellent party. Would take too long to type out the names of everyone I saw there, but it was wonderful seeing you all! I like parties. Goat cheese and pear stuffed French toast at SoundBites: still delicious.

Planning on picking up the kid from visiting various friends on Thursday, so contemplating going dancing at Dirge Wednesday night beforehand; anyone in?

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