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First week over

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First week over

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The classroom training for Census Crew Leaders is over!

I'm astonished by how much geeky joy I'm getting from the forms. I suppose it has something to do with my affinity for databases. They're well-designed forms, too. And somehow the listing-of-contents for our boxes of stuff is immensely satisfying as well.

Did you know that census workers swear an oath of office? No really. Defend the Constitution, just like the president. Ours says stuff about keeping the data confidential, too.

I'm not going to be doing most of the going door-to-door, other than one or two observation sessions for each of my crew members, and on-the-job training as needed. Mostly I'll be handling the paperwork for the crew members -- collecting and signing off on their questionnaires, filling out the management forms associated with them, and collecting and signing off on their payroll forms. Still, I think that I'm going to need to buy a pair of basic ballet flats with my first paycheck, because the supervisor a couple of levels up is a stickler for Professional Appearance and is very much anti-sneaker. Our direct supervisor said something like New Balance walking shoes would pass, and what would seriously annoy the guy in charge was the Air Jordan type of sneaker, but I'm guessing purple Converse are not okay, and while I could probably get away with my Docs, I certainly have more use for a pair of ballet flats than I do for a pair of soccer-mom walking shoes. Blech.

In other news, I watched Supernatural last night.

OH MY GOD CASTIEL. That was INCREDIBLY AMAZINGLY BADASS. That was right up there with Theoden's "We ride anyway." Death-or-glory stands? Suicidal bravery? Going down deliberately and taking an honor guard with you? Why, yes, I have a serious narrative kink for all of that. THAT WAS BADASS.

If they bring him back, they're going to need one MOTHERFUCKER of an explanation, or it will feel like cheating. Not that I don't want him back -- I do. But they can't cheat.

Also, the actor who plays Adam is far too young for me, but hoo boy, he's pretty.

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