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Fun weekend

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Fun weekend

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Went up to cluegirl and aquila_dominus's place for the weekend. My main project was getting Clue to help me rework my mother's (street length, 1964) wedding dress into something suitable for clubbing. We had to let the side seams out, because I am not as slender at 40 as my mother was at 21, but with Clue's expert help, we did it with minimal disruption to the somewhat fragile garment. Clue spent a lot of time muttering over the odd waist pleats, which I explained were probably there because originally the gown had been floor length with a bustle and train, and my mother had it cut down to street length because her wedding was in the daytime. Apparently they cared about this in 1964. My dad wore a suit, not a tux, too. Yes, the official rules still say you should do that, but I don't know a soul who follows that any more.

Anyway, once we got it to where it would zip over my back, it was time to haul out the enormous dye pot and the bottle of Rit liquid purple. We were not entirely sure how well the dye would take, as the organza and the taffeta underlayer were clearly synthetic, but the heavy lace appliques felt like cotton or a cotton blend. My guess was that I'd get a lavender dress with purple lace, which would be okay, but I was hoping for true purple. To that end, we put in a full cup of salt, and I stood there for an entire hour with the pot at a simmer, poking it to keep it submerged.

Here's what we got:

If you look very closely, you'll notice that the sleeves got a little torn. I wore it out anyway (to Alien Nation's Depeche Mode vs. KMFDM night, which was fun), but the next day I unpicked the sleeves and rescued the lace appliques, and Clue bound the armholes and helped me position the appliques as cap sleeves, so it is EVEN MORE AWESOME. And I'm putting the giant satin rose (1964's equivalent of the butt-bow) onto one of the vintage hats I got from gehayi's attic. I just need some proper veiling, too.

The Friday Night Filk was also fun, and I helped with yard work (hooray for spring!) and had a delicious Pump Station burger, and generally had a very nice time.

I covet a little netbook like Clue's. Even if it means going back to Windows.

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