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living breathing talking love

other people's papers are so much easier

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other people's papers are so much easier

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No Power In The 'Verse
Why, yes, I am Posty McPostalot today.

This is because I had to force myself to sort through all the papers on my desk, because I had to find the restoration notice for my driver's license, so I can bring it into court tomorrow and have them drop the ticket the way they said they would. And, well... my desk looks like the Perfesser's desk in "Shoe." It's a beautiful big oak rolltop DESIGNED as a computer desk, and I'd kind of stuffed all the dead space behind my flat-screen monitor with... papers. And there's a small bookshelf and a pile of boxes on the top surface above the rolltop. And I had papers I'd been dealing with recently on the left-hand return. And the pile on top of the printer...

Well, the dead space behind the monitor is all stuffed with papers again, but now they're sorted and rubberbanded into useful piles. I think I need to get some more manila folders before I actually put them away in the filing drawer.

And I found the restoration notice. Which was the point of the exercise.

I think this makes me very, very virtuous. It also made me a little panicky. But that's okay, because I can have tea. The dishes are done, the cat box is clean, the garbage is out, and I'm going to put the recycling out later to minimize the hours it gets rained on.

In the process, I joggled something loose on my computer and I couldn't get it reconnected for about an hour. THAT was a pretty panicky thing, too. But the Brave Little Toaster is back online now, and all is well with the world.

I am declaring tonight's dinner Eat Leftovers Or I'll Scramble You Some Eggs, But I'm Not Cooking. Because we have a bunch of leftovers. Well, I might cook the collard greens for myself because they GO with one of the sorts of leftovers, but I'm not making a new meal. I think this ought to be okay, because we also have lemon icebox pie. Mmm, pie.

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