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for the record

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for the record

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prentiss oookay
My child, although she is two inches taller and five to ten pounds lighter than I am, is able to fit into most of my clothes, and wears my shoe size.


Now, normally she does not bother with girl clothes, except maybe at conventions or for cosplay. But there are some occasions where she feels they're warranted. Like Seder with her grandparents (my ex-in-laws).

Do you want to know what she informed me she needed to borrow?

The black, just-above-the-knee A-line skirt she had borrowed at Arisia, my Morbid Threads black and grey striped long sleeve off the shoulder shirt with the lace trim and the grommeted shoulder straps (which may just be my favorite shirt), and my 20-eyelet Doc Martens, which she'd already wheedled the loan of last weekend!

...she looked really cute in all of that, dammit.

I do not know whether to be flattered that she likes my taste in clothing, or annoyed that she feels like my entire closet belongs to her on an as-needed basis.

I do know that she's going to be buying HER OWN 20-EYE DOCS with some of her yard care money this summer.


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