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living breathing talking love

Excellent weekend, and a link to music

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Excellent weekend, and a link to music

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It's such a relief when we get past the vernal equinox and there's enough light for my brain to start functioning again.

Got the first batch of matociquala's book sale books mailed. (Must remember to log in and remind those who haven't sent payments.) Dropped off three bags of clothes from gehayi's attic at the Goodwill on the Berlin Turnpike (cute boy with gauged ears taking the donations, bonus). Made the batch of lemon bars that trowa_barton had won in the treatsfortits auction. (Which was silly of him, as I'd have made him a batch even if he got outbid, but it was sweet.) Ironed my Vampire Catherine Deneuve outfit -- the corset-back black skirt with the tulle flounce at the hem, the tuxedo-styled bolero with the bead fringe, the ivory satin top, and the niftiest of the hats from gehayi's attic -- a little black velour round cap with two iridescent white sequin leaves at the back of the head. No, I did not iron the hat, or the red patent heels (thank you mhaille, either. Got dressed and drove to Somerville.

Picked up trowa_barton. He looked amazing in a black velvet shirt with lace cuffs. Dropped off the lemon bars. Determined after several blocks that he's not yet good enough at driving stick to handle anything but parking lot practice, so I got back in the driver's seat. Told him about the "cross fades with your feet" thing, though, which may help.

Drove to Salem. Got complimented extravagantly by a random daft person on the sidewalk, who instructed us never to break up. Had a very nice dinner (yum, scallops in lemon caper sauce), and went over to Bangkok Paradise (home of Darq) kind of earlier than we expected, because in the off-season the shops in Salem are not open very late in the evening. However, this let us get a nice start on the tiki drinks. Said hello to mrpet, who was running sound, and snagged a couple of seats near the stage. Not that it would have been far in any case, because, tiny venue, but, comfy seats, always a bonus.

Angelspit played first. If you like that particular sort of crunchy industrial EBM, they were very good at it. I like that kind of thing one or two songs at a time on the dance floor, rather than a whole set, but they were really striking visually -- Karl's 'hawk looked like the teeth on the blade of a circular saw -- and I have no complaints.

Then Ego Likeness played. They were the main reason I'd gone, of course. I love them. trowa_barton hadn't really heard them before, except possibly in passing on club nights, but he trusts me about concerts, and he really enjoyed it too. We danced for the entire set. The highlights for me were "Sixteen Miles," "Water to the Dead," "Burn Witch Burn" (which they said they HAD to play, because it was Salem after all), and "Severine," which they may have played because I called it out. I got the new CD and got it signed. You should get it too, although it won't be officially available until April 13th. The tour isn't over yet -- dates on their website, but for many of my readers, the most accessible would be in Providence, April 10th, with Black Tape For A Blue Girl. How can you go wrong?

Back to Somerville. The now-traditional Sound Bites breakfast in the morning, and then trowa_barton very kindly tried to fix a couple of broken electronic things I had. Neither of them actually worked afterwards (anyone got an iTrip I could borrow? The kiddo broke mine, and soldering the wires back together failed to fix it) but it was very sweet of him to try. And so home.

And now for the music link! A friend of mine has a band called Full Story at Midnight. Psychobilly/horror rock. And they do not suck. I have stood through enough GODAWFUL opening bands to appreciate new bands that don't suck. So, anyway, they've got a demo up at Epitaph. Go to that link and search either the band name or Love Song For The Undead. You can listen there, or download it free. If you like it at all, consider making a login on the site and giving the track a good rating. Because it would be really nice if this band got signed and could tour and I could hear them instead of the crappy opening bands I usually have to put up with. 'Kay?

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