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living breathing talking love

Signs of spring

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Signs of spring

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You can tell the weather's getting warmer because I made the first batch of pasta salad of 2010.

My big task of the day (besides doing dishes) was updating a couple of web profiles. I did LinkedIn, and even applied to jobs through it. Then I went ahead and updated my OKStupid profile, although I'm not actively looking for anyone there. I figured it might as well be accurate.

I agreed to go over and make sure bigbrotherinlaw got lunch tomorrow -- he's laid up with cellulitis.

I tried to take the kid for a haircut, but did not realize that the place was only open until 4 on Sundays. If her dad doesn't get to it Monday or Tuesday, I'll take her on Wednesday.

Traded goodie bags with mhaille. She gave me two skirts, a pair of stockings, and a couple of cosmetics. I gave her a selection of mouse-proof Tupperware I wasn't using. They were the Modular Mates stuff I used to keep my dry beans in -- and I have switched to canned, because the small amount of money saved by using dried is offset by the number of batches I waste when I forget about them and burn them to the pot. No advice, please -- I KNOW about doing them in the oven, or the crock pot. I have once or twice managed to burn them to the crockpot. I like using canned beans and we'll leave it at that.

I think I left a load of laundry in the wash. I'll go shift that now.

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