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glamorous assistant work

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glamorous assistant work

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Today was mostly spent at the computer. I got up around 7:30 or so, after the kid had left for school. eternaleponine was home sick again, but I figured if I was making noise in the kitchen around when she USUALLY got up, she couldn't have too much to complain about. (Her bedroom is right off the kitchen. The coffee grinder is noisy. I usually don't remember to set it up the night before. I may need to get better about that.) Had my standard breakfast -- oatmeal, V-8 juice, and coffee, half & half no sugar. Sat at the computer reading e-mail, checking my friendslist and my usual blogs, and setting up a Google Docs form for matociquala's book sale.

Did the dishes. Took a break around noon to go return some books to the library, because it was a gorgeous day outside and I wanted to get some fresh air. And exercise is good for me. Right? Right. Since the Puppy Center is on the same route, stopped in on my way back to have a look. I strongly suspect they're puppy mill puppies, but they are awfully cute. There were two brindled pit bull puppies.

Came back. Entered more data into the form as it came in. Did a little more online job-hunting. Took leftover burrito fixings and fixed myself some lunch.

Encouraged eternaleponine to get dressed and take a walk with me anyway, even though she's sick, because 1) gorgeous day and 2) couldn't she use a puppy break? Also, I thought that maybe getting moving gently would help clear out her lungs and stuff. I don't think it worked on that level, but we did get a puppy break. The pit bull puppies were sleeping, but there was a four-month-old corgi who was Very Serious about patrolling the borders of his enclosure. It was very cute to watch. I suspect he will want to herd his humans.

Came back. Kid was home from school. Kept poking at the form as the orders came in. Filled out the census form. Eventually, made dinner. Tonight was a pancake night. This is the first time I've made the Joy of Cooking buttermilk pancakes with actual liquid buttermilk, instead of either buttermilk powder and lowfat milk, or a blop of nonfat yogurt and enough lowfat milk to make up the volume. They were a lot thicker! And the recipe made fewer pancakes overall! Because they were thicker, they took longer to cook, so I think that next time I might thin the buttermilk a little bit with some lowfat milk (maybe 1/4 of the total volume), but they were certainly tasty.

Ate pancakes and veggie sausage. Watched Jeopardy! It's the celebrity tournament. The celebrity questions are even easier than the usual ones, and the celebrities have a harder time with them than the ordinary contestants. Cheech Marin has burned fewer brain cells than you might expect, though. He won tonight.

Returned to the computer. Poked at the form some more, while also doing my usual internet stuff. Acquiesced to kid's request to watch an episode of Supernatural I'd already seen a LOT. Well, I didn't watch, as my computer desk is at right angles to the TV. Discovered that although I THOUGHT I knew all of the lyrics to Asia's "Heat of the Moment" (yes, it was THAT episode), I did not, and my brain wanted to substitute the verses of "Video Killed The Radio Star" (which I DO know) and just switch to "Heat of the Moment" on the choruses. Kid confirmed that I was not alone in hearing this mashup potential. You are all very welcome for the earworm.

Listened to eternaleponine's cough get progressively more frequent as the evening wore on. She finally broke down and asked if we had any cough syrup in the house. Discovered that we don't. I don't tend to keep OTC cough syrup around because I've never felt like it WORKED, and kid used up the prescribed codeine syrup during the flu earlier this season. I offered to mix a shot of whiskey and honey and lemon. eternaleponine didn't want it. I pointed out that with a dry cough, like she has, the central nervous system depressant effect of alcohol is probably about as good as suppressing the cough reflex as dextromethorpan is. Honestly, when I was a teenager and had a dry cough that lasted for weeks, I was getting acceptable relief from a cordial glass's worth of Kahlua (with parental approval, even), and the doctor who prescribed the codeine syrup for me agreed that he was mostly doing it because I couldn't take a bottle of Kahlua to school with me, but they'd be okay with an official prescription medicine. eternaleponine reminded me that the last time she'd had any alcohol, she'd had stomach pains from it. "But that was vodka," I said. "No, rum," she told me. I said that if she didn't want to try whiskey and honey, what about a cough syrup sized dose of pomegranate liqueur, which would have roughly the same taste and texture as cough syrup, and probably about the same alcohol content? Her cough must have been really unbearable, because she agreed. I poured a shot glass half full. She sniffed it and said that it really was a lot like cough syrup, and tossed it back. Got the expected "blech" and full body shudder, but she'd have done that with actual cough syrup, too. I told her that if it worked, and she needed more tomorrow night, we could give her a nicer flavor, because I have a bottle of Amaretto.

Why, yes, when I had flu last winter, I was treating it mainly with ibuprofen and tea laced with sugar and brandy. It couldn't cure it, but it was a decent palliative and I already had it in the house.

Tomorrow, more book sale data entry, probably, and also my taxes.

The glamour!
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