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Stupid Fashion Question!

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Stupid Fashion Question!

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Are pantyhose still de rigueur in a business (not "business casual") environment?

Yeah, I know, I could avoid this whole issue by wearing pantsuits. And I do know that today, even for a job interview, a properly formal pantsuit is just as acceptable as a skirt suit.

But my pencil skirt happens to fit me better than any of my dressy office pants. So I need to know.

I wouldn't have known that the rules had changed if I hadn't read something at The Pursuit of Harpyness on the subject.

So... I'm supposed to wear tights in the winter and go bare-legged in the summer? And if I don't, I'm dowdy and behind the times?

Or is this one of those rules that only apply in Manhattan, and I should stick with the damn pantyhose?

For the record, I don't enjoy wearing them, but I think bare legs would have been too chilly for March, and tights would have been too informal for a job interview. I wore sheer black hose.

Please discuss!
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