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living breathing talking love

stuff I'm doing with my weekend

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stuff I'm doing with my weekend

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Since I wasn't able to go to Boston this weekend, I found other things to do. Mostly, tackle gehayi's attic.

Originally, I'd thought I was just going to be taking gehayi to Home Depot on Friday morning to pick up tarps, so that she could cover stuff in her attic when the roofers came. Then she learned that the roofers would be bringing their own tarps, but they wanted everything in the attic moved away from the edges and pushed towards the center, to make it easier for them to cover it.

"Okay," I said. "I can move boxes!"

When I got there, it quickly became apparent that it wasn't just a matter of taking boxes and shoving things away from the edges and into the middle. No, this was a classic multigenerational attic, full of hanging wardrobe bags, suitcases of varying vintages, closed boxes, open boxes, and MULTIPLE trunks, including an Art Deco cedar hope chest and a piratical-looking footlocker. And everything was not going to FIT in the middle.

"Hey, how about instead of just MOVING the clothes, we go through and get RID of the ones you aren't going to wear?" I suggested. gehayi agreed.

Naturally, we had to go through them piece by piece, just in case there WAS wearable stuff, or stuff *I* wanted, or stuff it might be worth selling.

End results: one awesome Black Watch kilt, several vintage hats and a cashmere Black Watch scarf for me, some truly adorable vintage children's dresses for eBay, a few random adult pieces that might sell as steampunk or goth items, likewise some vintage hats that Aren't Black So I Won't Wear Them, and something like ten garbage bags for Goodwill, mostly of 1980s office-worker clothes. I am having second thoughts about putting the double-breasted black wool woman's suit into the Goodwill bag, but I am NOT going to open them all up again to find it.

The rest of the stuff mostly fell into a few categories: Linens and Draperies, Tracey's Baby Stuff, Dishes Neatly In Boxes, and Ugly Holiday Decor. I chucked out a baby porch swing on the grounds that even though it was in good shape, it didn't meet modern safety standards, and even though we'd survived such things just fine, it would be irresponsible to sell it.

I also chucked out two REALLY SCARY dolls. 1960s vintage, plastic faces and cloth bodies -- one small clown in a blue and white suit, and one large doll with yellow yarn hair and elastics on her feet because I guess you were supposed to dance with her. gehayi agreed completely that even if they had collector value, she did NOT want to sell things that MIGHT COME ALIVE IN THE NIGHT AND SLAUGHTER THE HOUSEHOLD. She said she'd been afraid of those even when she was a little kid, and had begged her parents to get rid of them. We discussed whether chucking them in the garbage was going to be sufficient, or if it was a better idea to burn them (if we'd had a metal garbage can, we probably would have) or drop them in a large body of water (none deep enough nearby, and I didn't want them in my car!). If something horrible happens before trash day, BLAME THOSE DOLLS.

I took a picture to show how scary they were but it was too big for my phone to send as a message. And I can't find ones like them on eBay. DEMONS I TELL YOU.

The other notable thing for me was a pristine version of the white thermal baby blanket I had when I was little and wore to a rag, which rag I STILL HAVE. So -- how could I resist? I took my Beebee!

Working from the back of the attic forward, I got one side entirely clear from touching the roof and pushed towards the center. The other side, I'm going to have to go back tomorrow and keep working. I would have gone back today, but my muscles are tired, and gehayi overdid it, too, and we'll both be in better shape to deal with it tomorrow.

Today, I haven't gotten out of my pajamas yet. All I'm really planning to do is laundry, and make Cheese Inna Bread Bowl. I've eaten breakfast, done the dishes, and folded eternaleponine's clean laundry.

I think I'm going to move my laundry into the dryer, mix the starter into dough, and take a shower.
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