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living breathing talking love

Things I've done today

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Things I've done today

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fruity oaty bars
Ate breakfast (did not brulee my oatmeal today)
Took a shower (yay Lush Curly Wurly shampoo)
Did the dishes
Took out the garbage and recycling
Did a whole lot of online job applications
Made a doctor's appointment for the kid for tomorrow
Called a temp agency and made an appointment with a recruiter for tomorrow
Called HUSKY about the renewal forms for kid's health insurance
Returned the Freecycle rollerblades that didn't fit eternaleponine
Deposited my unemployment check
Put gas in the car
Bought a Powerball ticket
Returned my library books (you have NO IDEA what an accomplishment that is for me)
Went grocery shopping
Stuck to the grocery shopping budget
Volunteered to help a friend
Worked on weekend plans

Fear me, for I am mighty!

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