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still alive

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still alive

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Hot Foods Party was excellent. I especially liked quezz's Szechuan Spicy Chex Mix; it reminded me of a dish I loved to eat at Yangtze River when I was a kid. I don't see it on their menu now, although I may just not know what they call it; I described it to her as "There's a very spicy meat sauce thing, and a big nest of fried bean thread noodles, and they pour the sauce on the noodles and they all implode and it's awesome." She knew what I was talking about and said that that was the flavor she was going for, so that was great! Had a great time talking to people, some familiar, some new to me. Staying over at tamidon and feste_sylvain's afterwards was also lovely, and included delicious French toast.

Today eternaleponine left me a To-Do List, which was very helpful. I've faxed in a hearing form on the bureaucratic annoyance, done the dishes, and cleaned the upstairs bathroom. Tomorrow I'm going to dedicate to making job-hunting phone calls and updating my LinkedIn, until the unemployment check arrives and I can go grocery shopping.

I am worried that the kid's recurring, intermittent gimpy leg (sometimes knee, sometimes hip, sometimes calf muscles) may be down to her mattress, because she woke up at her friends' house the morning after Hot Foods with it not bothering her. Will call for doctor's appointment tomorrow. Wish I could just afford to get her a memory foam topper. If anyone's got a twin size one hanging around that they're not using, let me know?

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