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living breathing talking love

another day in the life

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another day in the life

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Big accomplishment today: took the census application exam. Got a 26 out of 28, which impressed the test administrator; I'd like to know what I MISSED. Probably won't hear from them for a couple of weeks, he said; no guarantees, he said; but at least it's a step. And if I get it, they pay well.

Finished the Initial Sort over at matociquala's last Thursday. All those boxes and piles in the original picture got reduced to two bankers' boxes with brightly colored folders organizing their contents, and one box for the archivist, plus a half-full plastic thingummy holding obsolete software and a 56K modem, which matociquala said ought to be labeled "Pieces of String Too Small to Save," because she's a Yankee, and she's required.

Remember the marbled goat cheese brownies I mentioned? standuponit baked them this weekend, and the recipe's up at his LJ. I haven't had any yet, but I'm thinking I might need to make a batch to take to Hot Foods. Then again, I may just make my Hot Pepper Jelly Fruity Oaty Bars instead.

Smaller accomplishments today: got a library card, went to the grocery store.

Remaining essential tasks for today: dishes and dinner. Planning on cottage pie.

(Editing this entry for continutiy purposes).
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