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living breathing talking love

It's Oh So Quiet

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It's Oh So Quiet

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...I forgot how quiet the house sounds just after coming back from 2 hours in the car with the iPod blasting. And this time it was blasting louder than usual, because eternaleponine objected to the scent of my hair gel, so we had the windows cracked.

Right. So I went up to Boston last night, and saw Theatre@First's Dracula, and went out for late night Chinatown with trowa_barton and hammercock, and trowa_barton treated me to delicious Irish breakfast at Asgard, and then I picked up eternaleponine at Alewife after her vacation, and we drove home.

So I've been away from the computer for a bit, and although I'm going to try to catch up, if there's anything you absolutely need me to see, it'd be a good idea to link me to it here.

eternaleponine just turned on the Olympics. It's not quiet any more. It's got MORE COWBELL.
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