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ah, the glamour

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ah, the glamour

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Day two of the personal assistant gig. Wow, that's a lot of friend notifications! Hi, everyone! For the record: go right ahead and put me on your reading list, no need to ask permission. I might not friend you back right away, because my reading list is already on the verge of unmanageably large, due to a wide Boston-based social circle and a lot of LJ friends I picked up through various fandoms and even more obscure chains of association. However, you're not missing that much -- I try to keep the cheerful and amusing posts public. Friends-lock is for COMPLAINTS. If you're that interested in reading my stories of Evil Kitchen Boss from 2004, let me know and I'll add you.

Today was pretty similar to yesterday, except that the Giant Ridiculous Dog didn't jump up on me, which was good, because I arrived with a sizable quantity of office supplies. Two sizes of bubble mailers, big non-clasp envelopes for mailing manuscripts, a small pack of bankers' boxes, and two styles of folder, both brightly colored. Oh, and the trash bags.

Now, I love office supplies. Don't we all? When I was about nine or ten, I thought that the stationers' store in the center of town was even better than a toy store. I behaved myself -- I did not pick up any especially arcane gadgetry, did not decide that the correspondence begged to be stored in two-prong clasp folders and oh I should get a two-hole punch so I could use those, no twelve-month segmented things, not even any tape flags.

What I should have done was get more folders. I used up all the flat ones today.

There is, however, a system emerging from the piles of paper. Contracts by year, royalty statements by year, and checks received by year, for the book stuff. Most of that isn't as entertaining as "Shadow Unit notes on an envelope," although the Amberzine acceptance letter brought me back. Household bills by type and year. I haven't really tackled the travel receipts yet, and the tax documents are still in the Fearless Kjtten's most favorite box.

I got the tea mug with the fornicating bunny rabbits on it today. matociquala has, I think, started to notice my habit of leaving half an inch of cold tea at the bottom of every mug I drink from. It doesn't really matter what size mug, either. I just never seem to finish my tea before the last half inch goes cold. I had probably better pick an insulated mug next time.

Lunch was liverwurst sandwiches. matociquala explained, somewhat sheepishly, that she'd had one of her infrequent cravings for the stuff, so she'd bought it, but there was also -- I cut her off as she was trying to mention the deli ham with a fervent "YUM." I really like liverwurst -- kebbykate taught me to appreciate it -- but since I don't know many other people who do, and I cook for vegetarians at home, I practically never eat it. This struck me as a coincidence similar to the one gaming group I had -- right around the time of that Amberzine acceptance letter, now I think about it -- where everyone actually liked anchovies, and that became our regular pizza order.

matociquala thinks I am being tremendously organized. I have an advantage -- my mother worked for years as a paralegal in a tax attorney's office. She always came home with horror stories of the clients who brought in their paperwork all jumbled together in a shoe box, or a grocery bag, or other makeshift, and the hours it took to sort their stuff out. I know that matociquala is going to be taking her stuff to a Tax Guy soon, and I'd like to be able to send her off knowing that she won't be one of the horror stories.

I'll need to bring more file folders with me when I come back on Wednesday, but I think that when I'm done, the Fibber McGee's Closet of paperwork will all fit into two or maybe three bankers' boxes, with room to add more folders in each.

The biggest progress was that I could leave the study door open at the end, without worrying that the Fearless Kjtten was going to disarrange enormous piles of paper and undo my work.

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