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I'm driving again. Many, MANY thanks to bunnygoth for driving me around for all of the bureaucratic steps I needed to make that happen.

I have an eye appointment scheduled for Saturday. I found a place at the mall with an online coupon for a $29 exam, and then I can take the results of that over to the people who did my LASIK, and they can tell me whether they can re-laser my left eye so I can SEE out of it. Because although I'd been aware that my left eye wasn't perfect any more, I did not realize until I looked at the eye chart at the Boston Museum of Science that I can't see the big E on the chart if I close my right eye. I didn't notice it because my right eye is around 20/25 or 20/30. I could just go straight to the LASIK people, but they charge $150 for the standard exam, although my surgery came with "free lifetime touch-ups."

The furnace guy is coming out again tomorrow, because since his last visit, the thing has been making disturbing noises every time the heat comes on. A couple of times, it even shook the house. (Not that this is hard with the flimsy crackerbox we live in.) On the other hand, the noises have been getting less each time, so if it doesn't make a particularly evil noise next time, I'm going to call and cancel it.

Tomorrow, errands with gehayi and grocery shopping. And I only had to use Peapod once. Nice not to have to.

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