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BPAL review: The Phantom Calliope

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BPAL review: The Phantom Calliope

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A lovely package of gift imps arrived today from fabricdragon. I was only expecting ONE, and I got SIX! Ave Maria Gratia Plena, Harlot, Hetairae, Midnight Kiss, Snake Oil, and The Phantom Calliope.

The Phantom Calliope was the only one with a description on the label (I've since looked the others up, although I'll need to use stronger Google-fu for Midnight Kiss, it's not on the site now), so I tried it first.

On the label: black cherry, patchouli, cassis, cardamom and verbena.

Site description: Ghostly, glowing, sweet and dark: black cherry, patchouli, cassis, cardamom and verbena.

In the bottle: they're not kidding about the black cherry! Cough syrup, or Dr. Brown's, or cherry NyQuil.

Wet, on me: O HAI THAR CHERRY.

Starting to dry: The finger I used to open the imp smells like patchouli. My wrists smell like spicy incense and cough drops.

Several hours later: Warm spicy-fruity. It's a nice scent, but a tiny swipe was enough to give me kind of a headache, it's that strong. Not something I'm going to be able to wear without diluting it in a carrier oil. That said, I wouldn't mind my hair smelling like that. Maybe I should get a smallish bottle of jojoba oil (which is GREAT for my hair) and use it to scent that.
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