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living breathing talking love

I know I've got friends in Oklahoma.

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I know I've got friends in Oklahoma.

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And even if YOU don't want two very lovely cats, you might know someone who does.

They're two young adult tabby cats, brother and sister, named Sardine and Anchovy. Their owners have to move out of state, and, due to the suddenness, can't take them along.

Before they were named Sardine and Anchovy, they were named Viktor and Emelia. Sound familiar? They were the kittens that naamah_darling took in when they were just a week old.

More details, including lots of pictures, HERE.

They're neutered, indoor-only cats, and they currently live with a beagle, so they're fine with dogs. They haven't lived with children, so that's an unknown. They're in Tulsa right now.

If you can take them in or want more information, you can reach their current mother at elspeth@gmail.com or their daddy at dr.omed.gmail.com. I will be forwarding all enquiries that come to me to them, since I personally really can't do anything.

Adopt one today!Adopt one today!Adopt one today!Adopt one today!Adopt one today!
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