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Thanksgiving meal at matociquala's was lovely. I have pictures of the overloaded oven and of the deep-dish apple pie that did NOT fall apart as we were afraid it might. I contend that it didn't fall apart because I had my phone camera out hoping to document the collapse. :-) The Traditional Holiday Brandy Alexanders were much appreciated, and the Giant Ridiculous Dog was very well-behaved.

Failed slightly at Buy Nothing Day, although I only bought groceries. eternaleponine had Borders Bucks that were going to expire, so we've got a copy of Sweeney Todd now. It was as visually pleasing as I remembered, but when a teenage fashion model has the best voice in the production? Yeah. I need to rip the Broadway OCR from vinyl.

Tomorrow, helping shadowflyer move. Anyone who's available and willing would be useful, as his chronic knee injury is flaring badly. Yeah, great timing.

If anyone is having better luck in the Dragon Cave catching the new ones than I am, let me know? I got two thunder eggs, but so far no luck with the ice or the magma. I've had good luck breeding all the stripe colors, if you want to trade.

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