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jack not name, jack job

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jack not name, jack job

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Bandanagirl - Vampire Red
The slicer -- remember the slicer? My personal nemesis, that took off a chunk of my finger, and left bruises on my legs whenever I tried to lift it by myself?

Recently it developed ANOTHER annoying quirk. The... the guide thing? Slides back and forth, holds the material-to-be-sliced, has a thing with a knob on it that slides downwards as the thing-being-sliced gets smaller? Anyway, the part that holds it onto the actual thing on the body of the slicer that slides? The threads on the attaching knob got stripped. So I've been having to wrap the post with plastic wrap, which functions about the same way that plumbing tape does on a shower head. It's a pain in the butt.

Business manager told me that he's ordered a new slicer. Not only will it not have a broken doodad, it's going to weigh only 28 pounds.

It cannot come soon enough.

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