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living breathing talking love

really, not much for updates

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really, not much for updates

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Bandanagirl - Vampire Red
Stayed later at work today because they were having a meeting to unveil their new logo. Logo is fine. PowerPoint presentations are sheer hell, though.

Kid has the flu. Probably picked up at the Halloween/NaNoWriMo party last weekend. Staying at Dad's for the duration so maybe I won't catch it -- last winter, I was unemployed, and so nine days in bed was merely miserable. Now, it would be financial havoc. I made a large pot of sort-of-minestrone -- the request was for "nutritious soup, vegetable broth not tomato please." So it has my homemade veggie stock (good thing I did two gallons last week!), onion and garlic, chickpeas-kidney beans-cannellini, carrots, potato cubes, and ditalini. Four quarts in deli containers, and they came over to pick it up. Here's hoping it stays down despite the queasiness.

Tonight's Supernatural episode was NOT pure fluff, as it appeared from the teasers, and so I was much relieved, as I am Very Concerned about those boys.

I'm still working on my Supernatural playlist, with the help of a very useful wiki, and I've got four hours of music on it already. It went over pretty well at work.

eternaleponine was very nice and transferred her spare pumpkin hatchlings to gehayi and the kiddo. I didn't have any spares.

I think it might be time for a bath bomb.

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