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Use A Fish Tub.

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Use A Fish Tub.

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Bandanagirl - Vampire Red
Fish Tub: a Tupperware-type plastic box in which fish is delivered to the restaurant. Say 12"x15", and an inch or two deep. We also have a few that are about four inches deep. Because they arrive with the fish inside them, but are nicely reusable, we have lots.

Lexan: Technically, a type of clear plastic. More importantly, what we call the shallow and deep full hotel pans made out of that plastic. Because we have to buy them, we do NOT have lots.

Use A Fish Tub: What I want everyone to start DOING for anything that isn't a) ground beef, b) coleslaw, c) mixing the veggie burgers, or d) prepping the chicken wings. I'll grant the use of the SHALLOW Lexans for holding drained pasta or really large quantities of prepped and portioned chicken wings. But I NEED those Lexans for the ground beef!

Which means that when people have used them for storing prepped desserts, or portions of diced chicken, or FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT'S HOLY, WASHED DELI CONTAINERS AND THEIR LIDS, I need to go TRANSFER those things to -- you guessed it -- FISH TUBS. Because desserts, in the walk-in? Can be stored in anything that'll hold them. Same for portioned anything. Washed deli containers don't even NEED a tub holding them, they can stand by themselves on a sheet tray, and then the lids can get corralled in a fish tub. But ground beef? Gets ground INTO the Lexan, gets stored in the Lexan in the walk-in, and goes IN ITS LEXAN straight onto its place on the line. All those other things get transferred into smaller containers on the line, or (in the case of desserts) gets pulled one at a time for service, straight from the walk-in.

I KNOW the Lexans are wonderfully tempting containers for everything, because they're so big that you know you'll have enough room for whatever it is. But really, people.


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