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Not going anywhere

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Not going anywhere

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I want to be enthusiastic for going out dancing tonight. But, seriously, the trouble with being a Goth on Halloween is that your normal dancing clothes don't count as a Costume, and if you DO wear a Costume, you don't look very Goth. And just throwing the black graduation robe and the Gryffindor scarf over good clubwear seems like cheating.

And it chaps my hide that the Webster has bumped their parking charge to $10. Between that and door and drinks? And I haven't lined up anybody to go with?

Eh. Especially since I spent over seven hours on my feet today. And I have to work tomorrow.

I have time to change my mind, I guess. If anyone wants to go with, or if they can provide me with a good reason why I really ought to.

I think maybe if I go out I'll just wear the black ballgown and the hat, like in the userpic. Screw costume. Ballgowns are pretty, and the hat means I don't have to argue with my hair.

Or I could stay home and use a bath bomb.

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