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boxes boxes everywhere

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boxes boxes everywhere

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Bandanagirl - Vampire Red
The good news is, we've gotten another walk-in, which will be for meat and dairy, which will leave the current one just for produce, and there will be a lot more room.

The not-so-good news is that we still only have the one walk-in freezer, and it's not large.

The really not so good news is that Tom ordered stuff for today as if we already had another freezer up and running. The new walk-in won't even be ready until Thursday, although it's built now.

And the crappy news is that all four suppliers delivered very early today, so I spent all morning hauling boxes in and out of the freezer, desperately trying to make room AND keep stuff rotated, and had to try to find room for six cases of chuck in the (still only one) walk-in before I'd ground the two cases' worth that were left from Friday's order.

I suppose that on the bright side, I was so busy playing Box Tetris that Derek took it on himself to break down the salmon, even though really that's my job. All I got done for food prep today was a batch of meatballs (before the deliveries arrived), four tubs of beef, a batch of ground chicken, the rock shrimp, the apple pies, and the coleslaw.

And I was there eight hours.

Yeah, I'm a little tired.

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