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living breathing talking love

if you can stand, you can work

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if you can stand, you can work

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hhgtg wearily -- angevin2
But let me tell you, it was a close freakin' call today.

Any day where your cramps WAKE YOU UP at 4 AM is not going to be a good one. Luckily, I had enough presence of mind to totter downstairs and swallow four ibuprofen RIGHT AWAY, so that by the time I had to get up for work, I wasn't hurting quite as much.

You're supposed to take the things every six hours, right? Forget that. I did them at 5-hour intervals, because I knew if I waited six, the pain would come back. It's not this bad every month, just two or three times a year, and only one day each cycle, so for that, I'm willing to take the increased kidney risk.

Then it was another day of standard schlepping things around. Four deep plastic hotel pans of ground beef. A pork butt. The prep list said "chix x2" but guess what, there was only one bag left after they got done prepping the stuffed chicken breasts, so it was that and the scraps. Break down a case of salmon into 5 8oz portions, 5 4oz portions, and 9 burgers. Two bags of lobster, each of which was 4 oz short, which is just ridiculous. A full five-pound log of mozzarella portioned and breaded. Chicken wings. And a gallon of bourbon BBQ sauce. That took six hours, and I was DONE after that.

Then errands. Bank, gas station, CVS to drop off prescriptions, Shaw's to buy totally self-indulgent convenience food (bagel bites and onion rings) and then back to CVS to pick up the prescriptions. And, finally, HOME.

Now I am going to get into pajamas and watch Supernatural with eternaleponine. And probably DRINK. See you later.

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