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hours picking up

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hours picking up

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Bandanagirl - Vampire Red
I also suspect they're trying to make the ordering track more closely to the usage. Which, this week, meant a shortage of breadcrumbs. I had to pulverize croutons to make the meatballs.

My pastry training reasserted itself today. I couldn't cope with watching everyone use a rubber spatula or a freaking tablespoon to spread the ganache on the desserts, especially when there's a perfectly good icing spatula in the house, and I've got a baby offset in my car. So I said, "Tom, want an offset?" when he was doing the B Cups (quasi Hostess Cupcakes, two chocolate cake layers with white mousse filling coated in ganache) and he said, "eh, I'm almost done, but if you want to do the Funny Bones and make them prettier, be my guest." So I grabbed the big icing spatula and went to town. They're actually smooth and have something resembling corners. Next time I'm going to ask if I can do the filling, too, so the edges are more even and I don't have to fill in gaps and overhangs with ganache.

I'm glad about the extra hours. I need all the hours I can get.

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