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living breathing talking love

11 hours.

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11 hours.

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Bandanagirl - Vampire Red
Looks like we're getting busy again.

Manager had to go to grocery store for pork butt and cinnamon, because I ground the last pork butt yesterday and we had to make chili today as well as have stuff on hand for the burgers that use it, and there was no cinnamon in the house last night so I couldn't finish the apple pies.

Here's what I did:

Prep wings (rinse, toss with salt and cornstarch, put on sheet trays)
Grind 2 bags chicken
Grind pork
Cut 3# chili meat
Cut 6# beef for pot roast
Cut nice large chunks for Philly meat, put in freezer
Grind beef (3 deep hotel pans, then we ran out of tubs)
Salmon: 6 8oz filets, 2 4oz, "6" burgers (got 11 burgers out of the scraps, 1 filet left for tomorrow)
Beer battered rock shrimp
Cole slaw
Shaved red onions
Portion 2 bags lobster
Slice Philly meat
Veggie burger
Apple pies
Show Hector how to portion the pot roast (Hector is no dummy, but his native language is Portugese, so you can't just hand him the recipe book)
Pickled red onions
Mild wing sauce
Show Hector how to do sliced/diced tomatoes
Truffle ranch dressing
Horseradish cream
Grind one more hotel pan beef

With the pot roast, I just kinda broke it down to nouns and measurements. Copied down the info onto one of my little notebook pages:

Meat 10 oz
Potato 6 pieces
Carrot 5 pieces
Peas 2 oz
Onions 2 oz
Gravy 8 oz

and taped it up on the wall. And I set everything up with the scale, and got the peas and onions out of the freezer, and then I just ran through the list: point to a piece of meat and say "meat," and point to the 10 on the scale, point to a potato, etc. Hector said I was a good teacher. Hector does a hell of a lot better in English than I would in Portugese, that's for sure.

I am home and there is pizza.

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