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living breathing talking love

too late, zombies, brain eaten already

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too late, zombies, brain eaten already

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Bandanagirl - Vampire Red
I know I was composing stuff in my head to post about today.

However, all I can remember now is how the %$#@! plastic shelving is %$#@! half a %$#! inch too small to fit two Lexans side by side, and so the way we've got the beef stacked is totally ridiculous.

Also that I do not like it when I come back and find out that people have reorganized the walk-in. AGAIN. With everything neatly stored without a thought to where the big Friday delivery is going to go. REALLY.

And I like that they hung the day-dots up on the wall. BUT WHO PUTS THEM RIGHT TO LEFT? I have got to fix that tomorrow, it's going to drive me insane.

The good thing is that they've changed the schedule posting location to over the prep sink, instead of BEHIND MY HEAD. So I won't have to deal with servers coming in, standing right behind me where I'm working, and standing there for five minutes while they memorize their week's schedule. I kept wanting to offer them my memo pad to copy the damn thing down, since Polaroids aren't readily available any more.

Also, I am sure that the pumpkin pie spices on the harvest burger are ok with all the accompaniments (caramelized onions, cheddar, etc.) but when you accidentally shake them onto something you're planning to eat as a tavern burger? OMG EW EW EW EW. That shit ain't right.

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