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Bandanagirl - Vampire Red
It's astonishing how happy small things can make me.

We've been having a recurring problem at work with one of the suppliers habitually sending things that Derek and Tom haven't ordered. The trouble is, they're perfectly cromulent items -- we use sliced jack and shredded cheddar/jack mix, we just don't go through it at the rate they send it to us. And, until now, I was only checking the delivered items against the invoice, and wasn't in on the order process.

Today, Derek handed me a little printout. Tom listed the four suppliers he'd ordered from, and what he'd ordered from each of them. And I stuck it on my very own clipboard, and ticked everything off as it came in!

Of course, this time the supplier didn't try to pull a fast one. But I discovered another benefit -- with everything on a list ahead of time, I can tick it off as it comes off the truck, and start putting it away before everything's unloaded, and I won't lose track the way that I will if I do that before I see the invoice. This makes it FASTER. I like this.

Other things making me happy: Derek will order an extra box of pretzel nuggets for me on the next shipment, for me to pay him back, so I can continue making the menu fondue at home without having to buy the pricey SuperPretzel six-to-a-box and cut them up. And he'll make sure to order enough plastic wrap that I can have a box in my area as well as the one on the line. I keep putting one in my area whenever there's an extra, and then when the line runs out they just steal it, and it's so much easier when the wrap is right there.

More significantly happy: we're getting busy again. And the way Derek wrote the schedule, I thought I only had 24 hours this week. Which would SUCK. But I think even though he wrote "9-3," he was just copy/pasting, and meant "9-5, four days," which is 32 hours, because he gave me 8 hours' worth of work today, and DIDN'T make any go-home noises around 3. 32 hours is much more like it.

And, non-work-related: Freecycle. I have been without a working printer since August. I got one from Freecycle that worked, as in wasn't broken, but it came without an installation disk and I couldn't get the downloaded drivers to cooperate with my Mac mini, OS X 10.4.11. Even though it said it was supported.

Well, today I picked up another one. Which DID come with an installation disk! And, lo and behold, IT WORKS! It's really fancy, too -- an Epson Stylus CX9400 that prints, scans, copies, faxes, and apparently connects straight to digital cameras. I would not be surprised if it could make toast.

In order to maintain my karma, I have offered the works-but-not-for-me one up for the next Freecycler to try. It's also pretty nice, or seems to be -- an HP Photosmart 7350. With, I guess, the same ability to talk to cameras. But without the scan/copy/fax functions, which I'll probably use more. Anyway, it's already been claimed.

I love Freecycle.

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