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living breathing talking love

Signal boosting again -- missing senior, Westport, CT

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Signal boosting again -- missing senior, Westport, CT

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as seen on ginmar's journal

URGENT NOTICE - NEED HELP - I wish this was a joke but it's not! My father went missing this morning in the Westport area. Loks like early stages of dementia perhaps. He went to a meeting at the Congregational Church at 9:00 like he does every ...Thursday and failed to retunr like ALWAYS at 10:00 a.m. Local and State Police have been notified as well as Channel 12 news. kEEP YOUR EYES PEELED FOR ME FOR THE DESCRIPTION BELOW:

Missing: James H Awad of Westport, CT
Age 79
Height: 5'10"... Read More
Weight 175
wears glasses - blue eyes

Driving 2004 black Dodge Caravan
CT License: 788-JEK

Last seen wearing:Dark Blue Turtleneck Shirt
Black Sweatpants
Beige Windbreaker Jacket w/ "Honeywell" logo
Brown Laufer ShoesBaseball/golf hat - Dark color

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