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Seen on ginmar's journal, reproduced in its entirety:

ginamariewade is having some serious difficulties these days, guys. Her hubbie's in the hospital and they're facing over $200,000 in hospital bills. She's lost her job but she's looking. She's good people who's helped so many others herself, and if you could reach out a hand, it would be very appreciated. Her husband's insulin costs $100 a month, and while he's applying for SSI--they can't get medicaid. And SSI takes years. They need help with household bills---hell, with anything. They do not have health insurance and everything that can be cut out of the household budget has been. The only luxury they have right now is Netflix, and if anybody gives them any lip about that, I will take that personally.

Her paypal address is ginamariewade at windstream dot net

Can you help? Could you spread it around? She's also interested in job leads, although if it's not in Georgia, there has to be a really good reason to relocate. She's a social worker, which means basically she deserves combat pay, at least one medal per year, and God only knows how much because that job is amazingly hard. Help her if you can.

Editorial comment: and THIS is why we need single-payer. As if we needed another example.

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