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New phone

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New phone

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If you think I should have your phone number, leave it in the comments. Because until and unless I find the old phone with its SIM card to retrieve the data, I don't have ANYONE'S phone number. Yes, even you.

...well, I might remember kebbykate's landline, since it used to be my phone number, and I think I still know shadowflyer's mobile number, because I used to have to dial it from landlines. But everyone else? Even people who live with me? Should leave their phone number if they want me to be able to call it.

...you know what makes me sad? I had talandra's number in my old phone. I was planning to never delete it.

Comments screened, naturally. Or if you've got me in your phonebook, feel free to text me and identify yourself if you'd rather do it that way.

ETA: shadowflyer hadn't deleted talandra's number either, and sent it to me. I feel better now. It's like that bit in "Franny and Zooey" where the brothers keep paying for Seymour Glass's separate line in the family apartment, even though there's no need for a second phone any more, because they can't bear the idea of not seeing his listing in the phone book any more.

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