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living breathing talking love

my knees hurt

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my knees hurt

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Bandanagirl - Vampire Red
I am going to have to start taking fish oil or glucosamine or something, because it's not funny having my knees feel this creaky when I didn't even dance that much last night. Stupid wear and tear.

There really WAS six hours' worth of work today. Better than yesterday's, what, three and a half. And I managed to get to the romaine lettuce before my iPod ran out of battery, so I wasn't stuck listening to the hum of the beer blaster, which always makes me crazy.

I probably shouldn't get used to putting heavy cream in my coffee, but it's so easy just to grab the quart of cream from the lowboy and splash some in. And it's so tasty.

If I don't find my phone by Tuesday, I'm just going to go get the least expensive with-renewal thing I can get at T-Mobile, because it's been two years since my last one. I was perfectly happy with it, and I do still want the camera function, but if I can't FIND it, well, I need a phone.

I may also bite the bullet and get a damn Facebook account. I'll still blog HERE, but it looks like I'm missing too many announcements not having one. I have no intention of sending people apps or playing Mafia Wars or doing any of THAT crap, but I may post Drunk Pictures of myself. Mind you, my Drunk Pictures don't look anything like the common idea of those, because I'm not passed out, covered in Sharpie, or half naked; generally, if someone takes a picture of me when I'm drunk, I am in very dressy clothes, smiling broadly, and my face is flushed. Glass in hand optional.

That's about it here.
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