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living breathing talking love

not a fluke

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not a fluke

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Bandanagirl - Vampire Red
I am DEFINITELY more efficient if I take my little 99-cent notebook at the beginning of the day and copy down the prep list, rearranging it from the random order it gets put on the whiteboard and putting it in the order I know I'm going to need to do stuff.

It made Derek so happy when he walked past and said "How's it going?" and I said "As soon as I finish the beef, I'm doing the apple pies, I've got everything pulled already." Because the apple pies were 86'ed at the end of last night, and nothing else was, so as soon as I got the beef ground, it had top priority. If I hadn't had pot roast and Wellingtons on the prep list, I might even have done them before beef, since we had one tub left over from yesterday.

Nick organized the freezer for me before City Line showed up because it was driving HIM crazy, and with those stupid Lexans of slider buns, I couldn't get a reasonable jigsaw worked out last week. I had to change some of the things he did when City Line showed up, but it was a damn good start.

Last week they did a deep cleaning on the walk-in, the sort where they had to rent a refrigerated truck for a day to hold everything while they cleaned. Derek changed how it was all organized when he put things back. I'm still learning the new arrangement -- some things are where I expect them, but the produce goes away in a different order, and today it was just confusing.

I can lift 50-pound cases again, but the ones that are 60+ are still kind of challenging. Clearly whatever I had has a longish recovery period.

I'm sure it'll feel back to normal soon.

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