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Hooray HOURS

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Hooray HOURS

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Bandanagirl - Vampire Red
Nearly eight hours today. This is REALLY GOOD because I've had short hours the last two weeks and it's putting a severe crimp in my budget. I'm scheduled off Sunday, and I may not hit 30 hours this week, but at least I'll go over 20!

Are you tired of hearing about the freezer yet? I'm a little tired of STOCKING the freezer, honestly. This week was a special challenge because yesterday was the Taste of Simsbury, and of COURSE we didn't sell out all the mini burgers we'd prepped, which meant TWO BIG LEXANS full of slider buns taking up space in the freezer. Yeah. Not making it onto the shelves. They stayed on the floor. I did fit everything else onto the shelves, though. I am really glad that the boxes of burger buns are LIGHT.

Otherwise, today was a pretty normal day. Beef, chicken, pork; break down a case of salmon filets into portions and salmon burgers, which I did without taking off my knuckle today; coleslaw on the slicer; and a couple of portions of beer battered fish. Oh yeah, and a batch of meatballs. Nick did the fried mozzarella.

We have a couple of new guys. I guess Amanda was a summer job? Or she didn't work out? Or maybe they're just shifting people around. Anyway. New guy Andrew is a redhead.

mhaille came by on her way to a wedding with the bike for the kiddo. A truly awesome Robin Hood 3-speed cruiser, black, which the kiddo has promptly christened Phaeton, after Anathema Device's bike in Good Omens. Dunno how soon she's going to start riding it, but she HAS it, which is EXCELLENT. mhaille said that she acquired the bike because someone had left it behind at her place in Vermont, and after a couple of months with it unclaimed she just clipped the lock.

I should do laundry before I go to bed. Donwanna. I do still have a pair of the less-comfortable chef pants clean, and I've lost enough weight that they fit again, so I could skip it... I DO need a shower, though.

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