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living breathing talking love

five things make a post

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five things make a post

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1) Today I made a Cobb Salad Burger at work: chicken burger, two strips of bacon welded onto the top bun with melted blue cheese, lettuce and tomato, bottom bun has 1/4 sliced avocado and a little mayo. Om nom nom. I told Derek what I was making. We'll see if it turns up as a special.

2) We ran out of small deli containers! I don't understand what happens to them, since we wash and reuse them. But we were so seriously out of them that I'm going to have to portion the pulled pork tomorrow.

3) I have a mosquito bite right next to my belly button. ITCH ITCH ITCH ITCH.

4) Acquired a theoretically working printer through Freecycle, an HP Photosmart 7350. It powers on. It has an ink cartridge. I attempted to download the needed drivers from the website. I ran the installer. It's still not cooperating. Advice welcome, barter spoken.

5) The kiddo acquired an amazingly cute dress at ConnectiCon for $10, which is rescued from excessive shortness if she wears it over my red crinoline. She laments that she has nowhere to WEAR such a confection. I guess she'll have to wait for Arisia.

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