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Just another day

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Just another day

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Doc Martens
The old-style knives came back yesterday. My shoulder is much happier.

However, my right hip is jacked up, for no reason I can figure out. I need remedial standing lessons or something.

I finally have my purse organized in a really efficient way, including a Chico Bag clipped to the second key tether, so I'll always have a shopping bag with me whenever I've got my purse. Of course, I also just got a new, super-small wallet that I can keep in my back pocket, so I won't HAVE to take my purse with me every day to work -- phone and pens left pocket, keys right pocket, wallet back pocket -- so I won't have to worry about locking my purse in the car, because we don't have lockers. So I have to make sure to stash a shopping bag in the CAR, too.

I really wish I knew how often I need to put Wonder Balsam on my boots. I want this pair to last, because they're a made-in-England pair, and I paid under $50 for them on eBay, and while they're now MAKING select styles of Docs in England again, it's about $200 for a new pair, BEFORE shipping. I got four years out of my last pair, and I neglected them shamefully. I want these to do better.

Also, anyone who can teach me how to do a really good job of polishing them, I'd appreciate it. I'm following the instructions on the Kiwi tin, and I've got a dauber, and a brush, and flannel cloths, but I can't seem to get them very shiny.

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