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living breathing talking love

Daily braindump

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Daily braindump

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Well, most of my work-related braindump stuff already went out over Twitter, in the hopes of entertaining docbrite. So I won't repeat it here.

Work-related stuff that I did NOT Twitter: mostly about me not being a grownup. A couple of days ago one of the servers, Andy, was down in the prep area rolling up silverware, and we were chatting, and he did a double-take when I mentioned "kid" and "concert" in the same sentence. "How old is your kid?" "Thirteen, fourteen in September." "You're kidding. I thought you were, like, 22." He was astonished when I told him I was 39 -- I had to offer to get my ID. I got him pretty close when he asked me to guess his age -- I said 27, he's 29. Although I based my guess on something he'd said earlier about music when he was in high school; he has the sort of face that could be anywhere from 19 to 29.

Apparently my age was surprising enough that he mentioned it to some of the other people during a smoke break, and was widely disbelieved -- he told me that Derek said I had to be 32, tops. I can live with that.

The funny thing is that they can't be basing it on misleading fashion choices or hairstyles -- I'm in the same damn chef pants and black T-shirt as every other cook, and my hair's all scraped back and covered with a bandanna. So I guess it's my skin? I told him that probably two things affecting his perception are that I don't smoke and I don't tan, so I haven't got either of those making wrinkles.

The other thing was I think Nick was trying to bust me for lack of music cred. I'd mentioned a while back that Alkaline Trio was one of my favorite bands, and this afternoon he had "Agony and Irony" playing in the kitchen, and I came in and started singing along to "Calling All Skeletons," and he was all, "What's your favorite Alkaline Trio album?" This is not really a fair question for me, because I CAN'T PICK, but I thought about it a second and said "Crimson," because I've probably played it more than any other. He groaned a little (and I know that old school Trio fans have divided opinions on that album, but I like the more orchestral sound they complain about), and so I said "But my favorite song of theirs, all time, has got to be "Warbrain." You know, the one they did for the Rock Against Bush album?" He seemed to un-groan a little, and said his favorite album was "From Here To Infirmary," which is hard to argue with. I told him I'd seen them seven times, and had he been at the Occult Roots tour where they played all of "Goddamnit" in order? He hadn't, but he knew it was the tour with Against Me! opening. Then I babbled for a little bit about some of their cover songs, and I think he finally believed that I wasn't bullshitting him.

Yeah, Nick. Don't try to bust on my music cred. Just because I like Green Day and you're too pure for them or something... nope. If I say Alkaline Trio is one of my favorite bands, I MEAN it. And didn't I put Social Distortion on for you when you were in my area prepping the wings? Cut me some slack.

I was going to post about Torchwood, but this has gotten long, so I'll save it for another post. Be warned: I have Thoughts about it.

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