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living breathing talking love

five things make a post

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five things make a post

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1) I was up way too early this morning to watch the men's 10-meter synchro competition of the FINA World Diving Championships broadcasting on the internet from Italy. I never thought of myself as the sort of person who'd be sufficiently dedicated to a sport to make a point of watching competitions at weird hours. Even when I was following figure skating with some dedication (around 1994, really), I didn't get up at stupid o'clock to watch it. Then again, thank goodness for the internet, because there wouldn't BE any way to watch men's synchro diving without it in a non-Olympic year -- it's too much of a niche sport.

Mind you, I started watching it for approximately the same reason that most men watched the women's beach volleyball competitions. But then I actually started paying attention to the DIVING (not hard for someone who used to follow figure skating), and now I can tell what's going on before the judges call the scores, and I actually care about who wins.

The American team took silver. Not bad, considering that China's still mopping the floor with everyone else.

2) I got the autoscrobbler working on the desktop again, but it's still kind of wonky about the dates. Maybe just because I hadn't synced on the desktop in such a long time. We'll see how it works tomorrow.

3) I'm Twittering a lot more from work since docbrite started following me. The Liquor books entertained me so much, I'm hoping to provide some entertainment in return.

4) I may have to invest in a knife bag and a few personal knives to take to work -- the ones the service delivered on Wednesday are new and sharp, but they have a differently-shaped grip, and it's not just unpleasant in my hand, I can feel my shoulder getting screwed up when I use the new knives to break down the meat. Aargh. A good knife is still cheaper than a chiropractor, but we'll see how long I can hold out. Or maybe they'll bring the old style back next week.

5) I don't WANNA do the dishes.

Also? Dragons.
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